When my three year-old looked at me with his big blue eyes and asked for help “writing like his daddy”, I immediately launched into super mommy mode – pulling together 18 motivating games that would develop his hand-eye coordination, arm and hand strength and grasp.  The mega pack of fine motor activities is perfect to use as centers or homeschool lessons.

Grab your Fine Motor Super Pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

18 motivating fine motor activities for preschool and kindergarten!

Peek Inside

The 18 fine motor activities are the perfect combination: fun AND effective. Build hand strength and hand-eye coordination by dropping dots of glue on a monster and sticking googly eyes on top.Cover each black dot with a google eye!

Fill a squeeze bottle with salt and trace lines and shapes.

Salt tracing cards!

Pull out a box of crayons to make rainbow lines.

Trace rainbow lines

Use a clothespin to pick up pom pom “gumballs” and place them in a jar.

Place the gumballs in the jar!

Cover lines on a fine motor mat with buttons, coins, foam stickers… anything! It’s so easy to incorporate this activity into any theme.

Trace each line with buttons, coins... anything!

Add pom pom “sprinkles” to cupcake counting cards.

Cupcake counting and fine motor cards

Use a q-tip dipped in paint to fill ten frames to match the numbers 1-10.

Q-tip ten frames!

Stamp or bingo dab a trail of circles to help the frog reach his pond.

Frog Hopping

Solve fine motor puzzles.

Fine motor puzzles!

Build super hand strength by punching out circles along a race track.

Hole Punch Race

Flip a card and draw what you see.

Flip and draw!

And so. much. more.

Grab Your Pack

Jump in and tackle fine motor skills with this playful activity pack! Download your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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    1. I’m thrilled to hear that the packet’s a good fit for your family, Marnie!

    1. Great question, Mariah! The pre-writing activity pack includes activities for children as young as three and other games for kids with more hand strength and fine motor skills {around 4-5}. 🙂

  1. Hi!
    where you found this “ladybug grab”file? I like so much!

  2. Love the pack! Too cute! What I really wanted to point out is y’all’s names! I couldn’t help but giggle after reading the comments and seeing…. Marnie, Malia, Mariah, and Marta! Y’all couldn’t do that again if you tried! Heehee!!

  3. A real old fashion way but most effective. I use these activities again and again, years after years of teaching and it is such Joyful to see children enjoy and benefit.

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