21 Super Fun Pumpkin Activities for Kids


Tis’ the season for all things orange! There are SO MANY super fun pumpkin activities and we’re excited to pass along our favorites from across the web.

This fall-themed roundup includes pumpkin-themed math, literacy and science projects your kids will LOVE. If you’re looking for more, hop over to become a VIP Plato Pack member so you can get all of the tools, strategies and support you need to reach ALL of your learners.

Pumpkin Activities for Kids

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Pumpkin Math Activities

Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Read and color pumpkin ten frames.

Practice counting and skip counting with a playful set of number puzzles. // The STEM Laboratory

Use your mini erasers to spin and count pumpkins!

Match pumpkin shapes!

Tackle those tricky teen numbers. // The STEM Laboratory

Play an active shape game. // Toddler Approved

Work on matching with a free printable matching game. // Mama Miss

Build kids’ number concept with a batch of pumpkin playdough mats. // The Kindergarten Connection

And grab some clothespins and practice addition. // The Kindergarten Connection

Pumpkin Literacy Activities

Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Focus on those tricky vowel sounds with a pumpkin patch short vowel sort.

Print a motivating batch of CVC puzzles!

Practice writing sight words in a pumpkin salt tray.

Work on rhymes with a batch of pumpkin-themed puzzles. // The Kindergarten Connection

Cut an adorable DIY name puzzle. // How Wee Learn

And then flip and color alphabet letters! // The Kindergarten Connection

Pumpkin Science Activities

Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Make a bubbling pumpkin volcano. // The STEM Laboratory

Learn about changing states of matter by making a pumpkin magically appear! 

Build engineering skills with toothpicks and candy pumpkins. // The STEM Laboratory

Complete pumpkin investigations! // The STEM Laboratory

Make a bubbling boo bomb. // Growing a Jeweled Rose

Make pumpkins magically dissolve. // Lemon Lime Adventure

Mix a batch of pumpkin oobleck. // Inspiration Laboratories

More Fun

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  1. What a wonderful collection of pumpkin fun and learning. Thanks for including our pumpkin measuring activities.

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