Magic Pumpkin Science

Activity for ages 3 to 8.

This simple kids’ science experiment is a must-try this fall! Just grab a handful of Reese’s Pieces and a cup of hot water and you’re ready to make a jaw dropping magic pumpkin. Kids will beg to repeat the experiment over and over again.

It’s the perfect compliment to our best selling Super Cool Science Kit!


Getting Ready

Prepping the activity couldn’t have been any easier! I grabbed the bag of Reese’s Pieces I had picked up at the store the day before and filled a measuring cup with hot tap water. Then I asked Middle Brother (age 5) to grab a white plate and join me.

That’s it! We were ready to jump in and get started.

Making Our Magic Pumpkin

Middle Brother helped me arrange our Reese’s Pieces in the shape of a pumpkin. We placed the orange candies in a circle to form the sides and used four brown candies to make the stem at the top.


Then Middle Brother slowly poured some hot water on the outside edge of the pumpkin. We needed just enough to cover the bottom of the plate.


Then came the fun! We sat back and watched the water work its magic.

Middle Brother couldn’t wait to grab a fresh plate and try the experiment again!

The Science Behind It

The shell of the Reese Piece’s are made with food coloring and sugar.

When the candies come in contact with the hot water, that sugar dissolves into the water and the colors spread across the plate, filling the pumpkin.

The activity is such a simple way to introduce states of matter to kids.

More Jaw Dropping Science

Continue the fun with our mega pack of 30 must-try science experiments for kids! All of the activities use common household supplies like salt and baking soda.

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  1. Karla Neumann

    Do you have to use reese’s pieces? My school is nut free and I have a student who has a peanut allergy. Will m&ms work too

    • Ashley

      Hi Karla,
      Yes! M&Ms will work too!
      We just used Reese’s pieces because it had more of the colors we needed.
      Hope you enjoy!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador



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