Free Teacher Planner

I’m a planner. I love color coding our family calendar, booking airplane tickets six months in advance, and getting our holiday shopping done early… just in case.

So it’s probably no surprise that I loved every single second of designing this free teacher planner for you. It’s packed with helpful planning and organization pages you’ll use all year long. The type A in me went wild!

Snag your FREE teacher planner and then hop over and join The Plato Pack so you can save time, stay inspired and give EVERY student bigger results all year long.

Colorful Teacher Planner Covers

Inside the colorful freebie, you’ll find ten bright and bold covers.

Pick a favorite, click the grey text box to type in your name, and print it out. Easy peasy.

Tons of Organization Pages

The download includes tons of sheets to keep you super organized from day one.

And my favorite part is that the pages are editable!

Plus I even included several different options for the planning sheets so you can pick one that is the best fit for your daily schedule – from four subjects all the way up to eight.

Inside You’ll Find

Want to take a peek inside the editable teacher planner before you download it?

The planner includes….


Lesson plan pages for 4-8 subjects

Monthly calendars


Assignment checklists

Leveled reading lists

Student notes

Family communication log

Student password lists


Small groupings

Parent volunteers

Teacher passwords

Meeting notes

…. And more!

I included a step-by-step guide to make it easy to put together your teacher planner.

Once you’re finished printing, organize everything in a 3-ring binder or head to your local office supply store to have it spiral bound.

Viola! You’re ready for another awesome school year.

Note: You’ll need to download the free font pack HERE to make the editable fields format correctly.

See It in Action

Grab Your Copy

Let’s get organized!

Just click on the button below to gain instant access to your FREE teacher planner and then hop over and join The Plato Pack so you can save time, stay inspired and give EVERY student bigger results.

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Save time, stay inspired and get EVERY student bigger results!


  1. Karen

    How can I make the font smaller on the weekly lesson plan pages?

    • Ashley

      Hi Karen,
      First, please be sure that you are editing the planner using Adobe. It is the the only reader that will ensure that our products and freebies download and print correctly.
      The font size should automatically reduce to fit the space.
      Please keep in mind some sections of the planner are editable, while others are not.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Karen

    Your color coded 2019-2020 teacher planner is awesome. Thank you for the free planner it helped out tremendously.

    • Ashley

      You are very welcome, Karen!
      So glad you love it!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  3. Rebecca Mote

    I am able to download the document fine but I am unable to edit the document – when I attempt to it asks for a password.

    • Ashley

      Hi Rebecca,
      I’m sorry you’re having trouble editing.
      First, please be sure you are trying to edit the document in Adobe. It is the only program that ensures our products can be downloaded, edited, and printed correctly.
      Also, please check that you are working with the file that has been downloaded and saved to your computer – not just the preview file.
      If you still can’t get it to work, please email me at
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  4. Suzanne

    Thanks for the planner! I really like it! I’m a first year teacher and I’ve been looking for something to use.
    The colors are fabulous!
    I’ve downloaded the file, and the fonts, but every time I try to type my name on the cover, the font doesn’t match at all. Everything is off! I can’t get anything to change. Suggestions?

    • Ashley

      Hi Suzanne,
      We’re thrilled that you love the planner.
      To ensure you can enter your name with the correct font, please check to be sure you are editing the file in Adobe.
      If you still can’t get it to work, you can email me at
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  5. Tiger And Tim

    Thank for the planner it helps me a lot. i really like it

    • Ashley

      You are very welcome!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  6. Shannon

    Hello! I found the free planner last night and after downloading it, went to bed. I have had no wifi all day, and now, when I can finally get on, I cannot find it anywhere. It’s like it never existed. Is it possible to have it resent or re-download it?

    • Ashley

      Just emailed you Shannon 🙂
      Let me know if I can be of any further help!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador, Playdough to Plato/The STEM Laboratory

  7. Genevieve

    I love this – thank you for making it available! In your description, you say there are pages for up to 8 subjects but the download only has templates for 4 or 5; is there another file that has the additional templates? Also, is there a way to type titles for each subject on the left hand side of the subjects?

    • Ashley

      Hi Genevieve,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      Sorry about that. When we updated the file for this year, we modified the subject spaces. However, Malia just updated the file to include the 8-subject planning page. You can grab the updated file by clicking that download here button again.
      Unfortunately, there’s not a way to add editable subject boxes on the left hand side because the text would need to be horizontal and we can’t flip the text boxes in Adobe. 🙁
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

      • Genevieve

        Thank you so much!


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