Let’s kick off a new school year with this fun back to school-themed CVC word match!

Kids will love matching each consonant-vowel-consonant word with its picture and you’ll love the quick and simple prep. It’s a win-win!  When you’re done with this fun activity, check out our Emergent Reader Bundle for those just learning to read!

Getting Ready

Like many of our fun word work activities, I was able to get this game prepped pretty quickly for my small group of students.

I printed out the CVC word backpacks and picture books (below), and then I laminated them to keep them sturdy.

This extra step let me print and prep them once, and then use them over and over again – even for years to come!

Once the pieces were all ready to go, I simply put them in a Ziploc bag for storage.

That’s it! Super easy for storing or putting in my teacher binder for carrying to small groups.

Back to School CVC Word Match

There are 20 CVC word backpacks and picture books in all (4 words for each of the 5 vowels) so I knew that my group was going to get some great CVC practice in once we started playing.

When it was time, my group and I spread out the picture book cards face up all over the table so that we could see them clearly.

Then, we put the backpack cards face down in a stack. This gave it a game-like feel as we each got to take a turn picking a card, turning it over, and reading the CVC word.


After decoding the CVC word on the chosen backpack, we would hunt for its matching book, and then place the pieces together.

We continued taking turns picking backpacks and pairing them with their books until all of them had been paired up!

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