Let’s face it: shapes have funny names. And learning them takes most kids lots of practice.  This playful pumpkin shape match up is an easy way to add a big dose of fun to your shape centers this fall.

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Getting Ready

To prep the shape match up game, I simply printed the pumpkin and shape cards on cardstock to give them extra durability.

Since I wanted to add a pop of color to the game cards, I slid the pages back into my printer and copied the green and white stripes on the back.

I used my paper cutter to separate the pieces and viola! We were ready to play.

Shape Match Up

The game followed the same rules as a regular round of Concentration or Match Up:

Players took turns flipping over two cards at a time. If they matched, the player kept the cards. If they didn’t, they turned them upside down and it was the next players turn.

My five year old daughter, Avery, is a beast at Concentration, so she was excited to try her luck first. She flipped over two cards: a square and pentagon.

We named the shapes and talked about the number of sides and characteristics of each one.

Then, since they weren’t a match, she flipped them back over and I took a turn.

You can imagine my excitement when I managed to find two squares!

I placed the cards in my keep pile and turned over two more cards, hoping to make a match.

One flip after the next, we worked our way through the cards until all of the pairs had been found.

Shape Match Up Extension Activities

This game makes it so easy to differentiate!

Simply play with a couple of shapes if you’re working with young mathematicians or pull out the complete stack for kids who are ready for a stretch.

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