For most kids, understanding place value requires lots of practice – it’s a pretty complicated concept after all.  This place value concentration game is an easy way to make all of that hard work fun.

Grab your freebie by scrolling below and get ready for some serious competition.  If you’re loving this place value game, check out our Place Value Cover Up in our shop – your students will beg to repeat it!

Getting Ready

Prepping for the game was a cinch.

I printed the free game cards on cardstock to give them a little extra durability and cut them out.

I wanted my son to practice counting the place value blocks before he played the game, so I reminded him that numbers are made up of digits and those digits mean different things depending on where they fall in a number. For example, the 3 in 315 is in the hundreds place so it means three hundreds. But a 3 in the number 73 is in the ones place so it means three ones.

We worked together to match up the blocks with the matching number.

Awesome! FREE place value concentration.

Playing Place Value Concentration

When he was ready to play, we mixed up the cards and spread them out face down on the table. Then, we took turns flipping over two cards at a time. When they matched, the player kept the pair.

FREE Printable place value concentration. Awesome!!

When the cards didn’t match, he turned the cards back over in the same spot.

After a couple of minutes, all of the cards had been claimed and we each counted our cards. My son was thrilled when he realized he had more than me and was officially the Place Value Concentration champion.

There’s always next time, right?!

FREE Place Value Concentration.

Grab Your Download

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