If you’re looking for easy-to-follow, engaging STEM challenges (science, technology, engineering and math) your kids will beg to repeat over and over again, you’ve come to the right spot! These epic activities are packed with kid-tested challenges that build problem solving, teamwork and (of course!) STEM skills.

Grab more than 150+ motivating STEM challenges in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.  And to keep the fun going, check out our 30 Science Experiments (complete with a no prep journal to keep track of results) in our shop!

Simple STEM Supplies

I swear I’m not a hoarder but I DO collect empty paper towel rolls and toilet paper tubes…

In fact, I have a whole DRAWER of them.

When you think of STEM supplies, cardboard tubes probably AREN’T the first thing to pop into your mind. Most people picture fancier tools like special-order science supplies and expensive engineering kits.

But for kids – especially YOUNG kids – we actually have most of the supplies we need already!

We can use simple box of toothpicks and playdough to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.

(The STEM challenge is a simple but powerful way to help kids learn about vertices, edges, faces and other geometry terms.)

Or pull out LEGOS and challenge students to create replicas of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Egyptian Pyramids…

STEM isn’t about being fancy – it’s about learning how to make predictions, problem solve, build and refine. It’s about the PROCESS, not the product.

And that means that we can hoard collect as many toilet paper tubes as our drawers will fit. #KiddingNotKidding

If you’re excited to make THIS the year that you finally set up engaging STEM centers your students will beg to repeat, snag our epic bundle of 150+ STEM challenges in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The instant download combines ALL of our STEM activities into one easy download so you can inspire students all year long!

–> Solve craft stick puzzles,

–> Make straw mazes, rafts and towers,

–> Solve weight and length challenges,

–> Complete dozens of holiday and seasonal STEM challenges….

Every set includes easy-to-follow instructions, task cards, record sheets and answer keys.

And the activities use common supplies like toothpicks, playdough and LEGOS so you don’t have to spend a fortune on anything fancy.

150+ STEM Challenges

The mega bundle includes TONS of motivating, hands-on STEM challenges students will beg to repeat all year long!

Pull out common classroom supplies like counting bears and crayons to learn about nonstandard weight.

Challenge kids’ logic and reasoning with a batch of craft stick puzzles.

Use geoboards to build engineering skills including counting, scaling, and geometry.

You can even add STEM into your holiday celebrations!


Grab Your STEM Challenge Bundle

Ready to help kids fall in love with STEM too?! Download your epic bundle  in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Then, remember to grab our awesome 30 Science Experiments kids will beg to repeat!


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  1. I would use the stem activities to engage my students and allow them the opportunity to problem solve.

  2. I love these! I would use them with my two daughters, ages 5 and 6.5, in our homeschool. They love to build, create, and explore!

  3. How will I use the stem activities:

    And challenge my students to continually build their schema. Great ideas.

  4. I love these activities because they are great for motivating collaboration, problem solving skills and lots of hands on learning with my students. I would use them for morning activity time, centres and “Exploring our world” time.

  5. I will use them with my “endless”ly curious K and Gr 1 sons in our homeschooling (and someday with little brother and baby sister!).

  6. These are ideal tools to help a child build self confidence through practicality, problem solving and imagination and enhances group work or independent tasks.

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