Epic STEM Challenge Bundle


Looking for easy prep, fun to solve STEM challenges for kids?! This epic bundle combines ALL of my STEM challenges into one easy purchase – my best-selling landmark cards, toothpick and playdough STEM structures, weight and length challenges… they’re all here! And that means you’ll get an entire year of STEM challenges in one easy download.

Each activity pack includes easy to follow instructions, challenge cards, record sheets and answer keys.


All 150+ challenges use simple supplies like toothpicks, pattern blocks and paper so you can quickly gather what you need without breaking the bank or making late night Target runs.



–> Scientific Method Posters

–> Editable STEM Box Labels and Student Checklist

–> Toothpick Structure Challenge Cards

–> Famous Landmark Challenge Cards

–> Weight Measurement Challenges

–> Linear Measurement Challenges

–> Pattern Block Challenges

–> Geoboard Challenges

–> Computer Coding Challenge Cards

–> Cookie Structure Challenges

–> Marshmallow Boat Challenges

–> Straw Challenges

–> Craft Stick Puzzles

–> Paper Challenges

–> Molecules and Atoms

–> 4 Season Building Cards

–> Telling Time Challenges

–> Christmas STEM Challenges

–> Winter STEM Challenge

–> Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges

–> St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges

–> Easter STEM Challenges

–> Spring STEM Challenges

–> Back to School STEM Challenges

–> Apple STEM Challenges

–> Farm STEM Challenges

–> Fall STEM Challenges

–> Holidays Around the World Challenges

–> Snow STEM Challenges

–> Rainbow STEM Challenges

–> Earth Day STEM Challenges

–> Building Block STEM Challenges

–> Alphabet Geoboard Challenges

–> Math Geoboard Challenges

–> Symmetry Mats


“This is BY FAR the most comprehensive, FUN low prep STEM bundle I’ve ever bought. Love it, and so do the kids!” – Nikki M.

“This bundle has been a “go to” resource for me for designing makerspace activities for my students! And, it is a growing bundle which means there are always new materials being added! My students and I love these activities!” – Michelle A.

“This is one of the most comprehensive resources that I have purchased! These activities can be used for math enrichment groups, science and social studies units, weekly STEM projects and challenges. It is one of the most motivating and engaging resources that I have purchased.” – Wendy H.

“This is an amazing resource, so many different activities, easy for even the littlest ones to replicate but still interesting enough for the 1st grade crew 🙂 the Stem with cookies is a favorite!” – Gabriela G.