Get ready for some serious fun! These 18 engaging print-and-play centers motivate kids to practice reading and writing the 8 most common diphthongs:

-AU, -AW, -EW, -OI, -OO, -OU, -OW, -OY

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What are diphthongs?

If you’re not quite sure what diphthongs are, don’t worry! I promise you’re not alone…

But I can help!

Diphthongs are just two letters, usually vowels, that are written side by side and make one special sound like /ou/, /aw/ or /oo/.

Learning them can be tricky for kids. Just when they’ve finally mastered their regular old letter sounds, BAM. Out pop diphthongs.

But with plenty of practice, kids can learn them too.

18 Diphthong Centers

This mega pack comes with a variety of choices so you can keep students engaged and help them master diphthongs once and for all!

Focus on one diphthong at a time by playing one of the eight board games…

(This one works on -OW words.)

Then focus on two diphthongs at once by sorting words into groups.

For newer readers, print off the picture cards so they can work on HEARING the difference between the diphthongs. For more experienced readers, have them READ words instead!

(It’s such an easy way to differentiate.)

When students are ready to go one step further, start practicing multiple diphthongs at once!

Kids can solve a batch of 36 clip cards…

Pair 54 different puzzles…

Or even play one of the flip and write games!

There are so many ways to make learning diphthongs fun for kids with this set!

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