Are your readers working on beginning blends? This colorful sort is the perfect way to practice 8 common beginning consonant blends.

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Getting Ready

The prep for this beginning blends activity was as simple as they come!

I quickly printed out the sort on cardstock and cut apart the cards.

Viola! Done.

Tropical Beginning Blends Sort

This activity comes with 8 different common beginning blends.

Since I wanted to review the blends first with my small group, I chose to only use two blends at a time. However, depending on the level of your students, you can use all 8 blends at once.

To start, I placed the beginning blend cards at the top of my workspace, leaving room to place the toucan word cards underneath.

Then, the first student picked up a toucan word card and read it out loud: train.

I asked her what blend the word started with and we slowly sounded out the word together again.

She determined that the word started with the TR- blend and placed it under the matching flower card.

When all of the cards were sorted, we read all of the words aloud again to check our answers and then worked together to brainstorm other words that would fit in each category.

The activity was such a motivating way to review beginning blends. I hope your kids love it as much as mine did!

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