Pretend play is a great way to build kids’ imagination, vocabulary, cooperation skills and so much more. Since my boys are big animal lovers, I knew they’d love caring for their favorite stuffed animals in this pretend play veterinarian’s office.

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Getting Ready

To start, I cut out the free printable pretend play set. Then, I attached a photo of my son in the picture square of the badge and filled in his name and age.

Free printables to set up a pretend play veterinarian's office for your kids. {Playdough to Plato}

I grabbed one of my husband’s white button up shirts to use as a doctor’s coat and invited my three year-old to join me. C took his job very seriously and immediately put on his play stethoscope so that he could get right to work. There’s need to go out and buy a kit for veterinarians – a regular doctor’s kit works just fine!

Pretend Play: Veterinarian's Office Printables

Pretend Play

I introduced him to his first patient – a sick stuffed puppy – and started helping him fill out the veterinarian’s checklist. Pet name: dog. Type of animal: dog.Pretend Play: Veterinarian's Office Printables

Then, C used his doctor’s kit to check his patient’s eyes, ears, heart and more.

Pretend Play: Veterinarian's Office Printables

Each time he checked something new, he wrote down whether or not the body part was feeling good on his checklist.

When C was finished with his examination, he decided on the dog’s treatment: a simple Band-Aid. (If only cures could always be that simple.)

Pretend Play: Veterinarian's Office Printables

Thankfully, I can report that the puppy is now feeling much better thanks to C’s TLC.  Our veterinarian’s office is now busy helping new patients!  This printable gave us an entire afternoon of pretend play!

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  1. Hello, I am an Early Childhood Educator for a Catholic school board in Ontario Canada. I was wondering if I could use your veterinarian checklist sheet in my virtual learning google slide I am sending out to my class next week. We are currently learning about community helpers and veterinarians are next week and I thought your little vet checklist was something cute the students could do at home in dramatic play. Thank you for your time.


    1. Just sent you an email, Jenn.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Hi there –

    My name is Lana Simon and I run a rescue organization in North Vancouver, BC Canada
    Pacific Animal Foundation.

    We are trying to compile a list of resources to teach children kindness to animals. I am wondering if we can purchase your veterinary checklist and other resources to put in our ‘kids packs’ ? We are all volunteers and a Canadian Registered animal rescue charity. What other resources do you have? Thank you

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