Our snowball digraph puzzles are a fun, hands-on winter literacy center or word work activity. Just match the digraph to a word that starts with it. No snowsuit required!

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Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the digraph puzzles (below) on cardstock and laminated them for extra durability. I wanted to be able to use the center year after year.

Once I finished laminating, I cut out the puzzles. I found it easiest to cut out each puzzle in its completed shape and then go back and cut apart the individual pieces.


Snowball Digraph Puzzles

These digraph puzzles (below) contain 15 different puzzles, covering the following digraphs: CH-, PH-, SH-, TH- and WH-.

Each digraph has three picture puzzles, with two pieces each. One piece has a digraph and the other piece has a picture of something that contains the given digraph.


Exposure is key when you are teaching and/or reviewing concepts – and these snowball digraph puzzles do just that!

To start, have students pick a picture card from the puzzle pieces. One student chose the shark puzzle piece.


She then had to search through the pieces and find the SH- puzzle piece.


After that puzzle piece was completed, she searched for another SH- word.

This time she found a sheep. Once she chose the sheep, she had to again search for the SH- puzzle piece.

This repetition allows students to repeatedly see that the “sh” sound in sheep, shark, or ship goes with the letters S and H. Later in their learning, this will serve as a great visual when it comes time to apply this knowledge in other ways.

Differentiating the Digraph Puzzles

If you have students that you think may become overwhelmed with having all fifteen puzzles out at once, start small. You can have them sort only one puzzle per digraph at first. As they master those, add more into the center.  For a challenge, consider mixing up the digraph pieces with mismatching pictures and have the students rearrange them in the correct way.

Grab Your Set

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  1. I just love your materials. They are easy to prepare and simple for the kids to learn how to use. Thanks so much for making them free!

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