It’s “snow” much fun to practice digraphs with a game!  This playful, hands-on activity is a great way to add some excitement to your literacy centers this winter!

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Getting Ready

This digraph game was super quick and easy to prep!

I printed the snowball cover game mat and digraph picture cards on white cardstock.

Then, I laminated the game mats and digraph cards for durability. I wanted to use this activity year after year!

Next, I cut along the solid black lines to separate the digraph picture cards and placed the cards in a small plastic bag for easy storage.

Digraph Snowball Cover Game

This activity can be used in a small group, with partners, or as an independent activity, but I used it with a small group first.

We’d been practicing digraph sounds, so this was a great activity for review.

To start, I wrote four digraph sounds on a dry erase board: CH-, SH-, TH- and WH-.  We reviewed each sound.

Then, I laid out the game mats, put the digraph picture cards in a pile face down, and put out a pile of winter mini erasers.

Note: If you do not have mini erasers, you could also use cotton balls!

I asked a volunteer to select and flip over one card.

He chose the card with the chick on it. He said the word aloud…”chick.” I asked him what digraph he heard at the beginning of the word. He said… “Ch…chick.”

He placed a winter mini eraser on a snowball with a ‘ch’ on it.

I asked for another volunteer to select and flip over a card. She chose the card with the shell on it. She said the word out loud…”shell.” I again asked her what digraph she heard at the beginning of the word. She said…”Sh…shell.”

She placed a winter mini eraser on a snowball with a ‘sh’ on it.

The students took turns drawing cards, reading the picture out loud and placing their winter mini erasers on the correct digraph snowball.

Once the students covered all the snowballs, the game was over.  The students had so much fun with the digraph game, they didn’t even realize they’d become masters at digraphs!

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  1. I love this activity and so do my kids. However, we are struggling to figure out 2 of the cards. I am sure it is very obvious and I’m overthinking it!
    Anyways, can you tell me what the one with clock and the card with the student with the math problem are supposed to be?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Katelyn,
      Great question. The clock is supposed to be “what.” The boy with the math problem is math, which the th digraph at the end.
      Hope that helps!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. No matter what I do, I cannot get past the submitting page to download the files. I input my name and email and the pop cup just keeps loading and saying submitting, it never moves from that page. I have changed my settings on my browser to allow pop ups. This happens only with your website. Any advice?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Renee,
      Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry you’re having trouble downloading. We never want that.
      You’ll want to be sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Other. If you’ve already allowed pop ups from our site, you can try clearing your cookies or trying to download using a different browser. You can also check out our troubleshooting video HERE for help.
      If you’re still having problems, email me at
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  3. When I try to print out the digraph snowball game, I get black squares around the snowballs and snow man on the mats. How can I fix this?

    1. Hi Trish,
      Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry you’re having trouble printing. We never want that. You’ll want to make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader Other. Also, I would try printing from a desktop computer rather than a wireless device if possible. I hope that helps!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  4. I’m sorry but I too am having difficulty figuring out one of the pictures. What is the girl with the tray?
    I didn’t get the Math boy either.

    1. Hi Heather,
      The girl with the tray is lunch (-ch), and the boy is math (-th).
      Let me know if I can be of any further help!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  5. I have tried everything to download this cover the snowball activity and the snowball digraph puzzle. The blue download now button is not linked to anything for me. It will not do anything when I click it. I have tried multiple times and have adobe! I love these activities and they would be perfect for us in January. Please help!

    1. I was unable to download this activity. I have never had this problem in the past.

      Please help.
      thank you kindly.

      1. Try using a different browser. I use Chrome and I could not click on the link to download it. I opened it in Safari and the download link worked. I hope this helps!

  6. It won’t download! There is nothing linked to it. Yikes!

    1. Hi there! I am so sorry that it is not working for you! Double check your pop-up blocker. You will want to make sure that it is turned off. Also sometimes we recommend working in the Chrome web browser.
      If that does not work send us an email at We can sen it over to you!
      Kaylee // Playdough to Plato Team

  7. When I print this, the background is black instead of white. I am using Safari. What is wrong? Thank you.

    1. Hi there!
      Oh no! I am so sorry about that!
      You’ll want to be sure that you have downloaded it and print from PDF. You can also try opening it in Chrome!
      Kaylee // Playdough to Plato Team

  8. I tried again to download this item. It does not download.

    1. Hmm that is so strange! You’ll want to be sure your pop-up blocker is off. If you are still having trouble with that, you can send us an email over at and we can get that over to you!
      Kaylee // Playdough to Plato Team

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