Icy Word Family Sort

Activity for ages 6 to 8. 

Are you looking for a fun way to practice silent e words this winter?  This icy word family sort is perfect! You can stay warm and cozy inside while you practice six long vowel word families. Scroll below for your free download and then make sure to hop over and snag our snowball digraphs for more wintery fun!

Getting Ready

Prep is nice and simple. 

I printed the activity, laminated it and cut the cards apart. 

I also printed and laminated the recording sheets to save on printing costs!

The Activity

To start, I chose just two-word families for my small group to work on and review. 

I laid out the word family igloo cards and mix up the ice block word cards and laid them face up. 

The first child chose an ice block and read the word out loud.

She picked up the word take and determined it belonged near the -ake igloo. 

We worked through all the letters until each ice block had been placed by their appropriate igloo. 

It was a great chance to point out the spelling patterns as well!

Checking For Understanding

After each word had been carefully sorted, the children wrote their words into the correct word family on their record sheets. 

It was an easy way to quickly check for understanding and give them practice writing the words!

Grab Your Download

Scroll below and click the blue button to grab your free download.

Then make sure to  jump over and snag our snowmen writing prompts for more writing fun! 

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  1. Patricia

    Wow! Thank you so much for creating and then sharing these with us! I teach 1st grade and feel my students need more of these activities.
    Again…thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Ashley

      You are most welcome, Patricia!
      We are so glad you’re enjoying them!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador


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