Race to the Snowballs CVC Game

This Race to the Snowballs CVC game is sure to be “snow” much fun for students!  It’s a great way for beginning readers to sound out and write three letter words.

Scroll below to grab your download and them make sure to hop over and snag some snowman addition for more winter fun!

Getting Ready

Prepping the activity was quick and easy!  I printed the Race to the Snowballs gameboard and the CVC Elkonin box mats on white cardstock for durability.

I found a pencil and paper clip for the snowman spinner.  Then, l grabbed a dry erase marker, eraser and two playing pieces for the game.

I chose to use Unifix cubes for the playing pieces, but you could use any markers that you have in your classroom.

In just a few minutes, we were ready for some snowball fun!

Race to the Snowballs CVC Game

I had my students work in partners to play the CVC game.

Both players started their playing pieces before the first space on the game board.

To begin, the first player spun the snowman 1-4 spinner.

She spun a four and moved her playing piece 4 spaces on the game board.

She slowly sounded out the word she landed on,  “b….a….g – bag” and then wrote the letter to match each sound she said out loud.

Then, it was time for the next partner’s turn!

He spun a two and landed on the word “bib.”

He carefully sounded out the word “b…i…b – bib” and wrote the letters to match each sound on the boxes.

Students continued spinning, sounding out words and writing until one player reached the snowballs first.

It was a great CVC word game for small groups!

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  1. Kimberly

    This game is amazing and has really given some of my students who doubt their skills the confidence they need to start writing the sounds they hear in CVC words!

    • Ashley

      That’s wonderful to hear Kimberly!
      Thank you so much for sharing!

      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. helen


    • Ashley

      So glad you enjoyed this Helen!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador


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