St. Patrick’s Day Writing Center

With just a few days left before St. Patrick’s Day, it’s the perfect time to add some leprechaun-inspired words and story prompts to your writing center!

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Getting Ready

Prep for this seasonal writing center was quick and easy.

I printed off the four writing prompts and vocabulary word cards.  I chose to print them off in color, but there is also a black and white version available if you want to save ink.

Then, I cut out the vocabulary cards and ran them through my laminator to add durability so I could use them again next year.

That’s it!  Prep for the writing center was complete.

St. Patrick’s Day Writing Center

Since there were four different prompts, I let the kids choose which one they would like to complete first:

  • If I had a pot of gold, I would…
  • How to Catch a Leprechaun
  • Pretend you caught a leprechaun. How would you convince him to give you his gold?
  • If I was a tiny leprechaun, I would…

Then, it was time to engage their imagination and creativity.

Each child wrote their story using the St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary cards as a reference.

Then, we reviewed their stories to make sure they had covered the writing reminders: use punctuation, check to spell, look up unfamiliar words and re-read the story to make sure it makes sense.

The kids were excited to work their way through the rest of the writing center throughout the week.

And I was excited because they were getting lots of writing practice!

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