Longing for a sunny day at the beach? I bet your students are, too!  Add some summer fun to your writing stations with this fun beach writing prompt. It’s perfect for kindergarten and first-grade kids.

With helpful vocabulary cards to help brainstorm ideas PLUS writing templates that make it easy to differentiate, this activity will shore-ly be a hit!

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Getting Ready

Prep for this beach writing prompt was a breeze.

I printed the writing templates on plain white copy paper and the vocabulary cards on cardstock so that they could be used again and again.

Then, I cut up the vocabulary words along the black lines to separate them.

Viola! We were ready for some creative writing fun!

Beach Writing Prompt

In my small group, I laid out all of the vocabulary words on the table.

The first student grabbed the mini sand shovel, pointed to a word and said the word out loud: dolphin.

To get some creativity flowing, I then encouraged all the students to tell me everything they knew about dolphins.

They came up with some wonderful facts and fiction!

Once all the vocabulary words had been discussed, I put all the words in a pile and had each student draw two words to use in their story.

I let students choose the paper they liked best – providing multi-lined paper for my beginning writers and single lined paper for my more advanced students.

As they wrote, I worked my way around the small group and helped kids correct their punctuation, capitalization and spelling.

It was so fun to see the creative beach stories that students created.

It will definitely be on our classroom bucket list again next year.

Snag Your Copy

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