What will reach the top first?!  This summer math game will have your kids counting, graphing and comparing.  It’s perfect to play outside on a warm summer day or to add some summer inside your classroom at a math station.

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Getting Ready

To prepare for this summer math game, I first printed the game board on white cardstock for durability and laminated it for use again and again.

Then I grabbed a pencil and paper clip to use as a spinner on the game board.

I also grabbed a bucket of pom-poms to use as my marking pieces on the graph and some plastic tweezers that are always great for working on fine motor skills.

That’s it!  We were ready for some Summer Spin and Graph fun!

Summer Spin and Graph

To play, I showed my students how to put the point of their pencil in the center of the spinner and then flick the paper clip with their finger to make it spin.

The first student spun the spinner and landed on the beach ball.

Using the tweezers, she picked a pom-pom and placed it on the graph above the beach ball.

Students continued spinning and graphing until one of the summer pictures reached the top of the graph first.

Then, my students happily cleared the pom-poms off of their board started the summer math game again!

Summer Math Game Extension Ideas

There are so many opportunities for students to talk about math while doing this activity!

We worked on:

  • Counting the number of pom-poms above each summer picture
  • Comparing the number of each summer picture using the words greater than, less than, and equal (for example, “I have a great number of pom-poms for the shell than the sandcastle.”)
  • Counting to tell how many more were needed to reach the top of the graph
  • Determining if each number was odd or even

Grab Your Download

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  1. I’m not seeing where to get the Summer Spin and Graph.

    1. Hi Marie,

      When you scroll down in the post you should see a big blue DOWNLOAD HERE button. Click there, then enter you information and it should download. Let me know if it does not work.

      Kaylee // Playdough to Plato Team

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