Add a huge dose of fun to your literacy centers with these playful monster puzzles! This set of 20 sight word puzzles will help your students master sight words in no time.

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Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I printed the monster sight word puzzles on cardstock.

I used a paper cutter to quickly cut around the outer lines and the horizontal line. Then, I used scissors to cut the zigzag lines.

To make the puzzles last longer, I also laminated them.  This might be a good idea if you’re wanting to use them year after year, especially for a classroom!

Monster Sight Word Puzzles

I started by giving Middle Sister (kindergarten) four sets of cards.

Note: For students who are ready for more of a challenge, I like to give them 10 words at a time.  It’s an easy activity to differentiate with, which is always a plus!

We put the blue monsters on the left side and the orange monsters on the right.

She looked at the cards and chose “one” from the left side. Then, she read the word and placed in on the table.

Next, she looked through the orange monsters and found the matching piece with the same word. Reading the word “one” again, she placed it next to the blue monster to complete the sight word puzzle.

We did the same thing for the next three sets of sight word puzzles until all four puzzles were complete. I added a few words each time we played until she was able to identify all 20 sight words.

Grab Your Download

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