Looking for a motivating sight word activity for kids?! This is a must-try! It’s a clever way to turn kids’ love of technology into a screen free activity that helps them practice any words under the sun – word families, sight word lists, names… even alphabet letters!

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Cell Phone Sight Words

My kids love screen time as much as the next kid. Cell phones, tablets, computers… They capture my boys’ attention so I knew this would be a hit.

Getting Ready

I involved my first grader in the prep for this project.

I printed a copy of the cell phone page (below) on card stock.

Cell Phone Sight Words

Then my son used colored pencils, crayons and markers to color and personalize his own cell phone.

Cell Phone Sight Words

After he finished drawing, we cut out and laminated it.

We peeled the backing off a 3 inch by 3 inch sticky note pad, and used a little double stick tape to attach it to the screen of the cell phone. Finally my son grabbed a pencil and his current sight word list and we were ready to play.

Cell Phone Sight Words

Cell Phone Sight Words

Initially, my son would simply choose a sight word from his list and copy it onto the sticky note phone screen.

He peeled off each sticky note with a word on it, and created a temporary word wall.

Cell Phone Sight Words

The sticky notes mean words can easily be rearranged or removed. Having the words on display is a matter of pride, as well as a low key visual reminder. When you see a word you know, you can’t help but read it to yourself.

Extension Activities

After working through the word list several times, my son became more familiar with them and our approach changed.

Sometimes I spelled out words to him and as he wrote the letters down, he had to figure out the word I was spelling by sounding it out.

Cell Phone Sight Words

Other times, we played ‘spelling bee’ style – I said a word out loud and he wrote it independently.

Cell Phone Sight Words

When my toddler is a bit older, I plan to adapt this to work with him on letter and number recognition, as well as fine motor skills.

He can copy letters or numbers onto the cell phone note pad and later write them entirely independently.

Cell Phone Sight Words

Download Your Set

Click the blue download button below to grab your free cell phone sight word printable and then hop over and check out our Editable Sight Word Games, too!

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  1. Playdough to Plato is my favorite blog. You are always so kind to share things free. Your ideas make learning and practice fun. I enjoy all your posts!
    Thanks so much, D

    1. Hello D,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! We are here because of folks like you.
      Here is to many more hours of fun and inspiration!

    2. Hello!

      I am not able to access the sight words cell phone file. When I click the blue “Download Here” button, nothing happens.

    3. Hi, tried to download this cell phone activity but couldn’t do so. No response. Hope you can quickly fix this. Am really interested with this activity…thank you so much….urgent!!!

  2. This is such a cute activity. I have made these for my ELL kids and for my kindergarteners. Thank you for your wonderful ideas as well as your encouragement. You are a light!

    1. Hooray Heather! I am so glad that you found us! We are happy to have you as a part of our online family!
      Have a wonderful week!

  3. The link us not working for me to download the phone? is there another download link?

  4. Hi I keep trying to download your free sight word cell phone printable but the button isn’t working?

  5. Where do you have the cell phone print out for that great activity?

  6. The link is not working for me either. Is there somewhere to find this resources?

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