Sometimes the simplest kids’ science activities are the biggest hits. These show stopping mint fireworks take just a minute to prep and are guaranteed to entertain little scientists over and over again. They’re a quick and easy kids’ science project with major wow power.

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Getting Ready

To prep, I grabbed a 1/2 cup measuring cup, a white plate {a flat bottomed white cup would work too} and a handful of mints. I knew we only needed one mint to complete the activity but I had a strong feeling the kids would want to repeat the kids’ science activity once they saw the cool result.

Simple kids science activity. Make mint fireworks!

Mint Fireworks

Eager to jump in and start experimenting, my two boys {ages 5.5 and 3.5} ran over to get to work. I showed them the supplies and explained that we were going to place the mint on the plate and pour water over the top. I asked what they predicted would happen. {Making hypotheses is an important step for scientists.}

Big Brother walked over to the sink and filled the measuring cup with room temperature tap water. He carefully brought back the cup and passed it to Middle Brother so he could pour it slowly on top of the peppermint. The effect was noticeable almost immediately.

Simple Kids Science. Make mint fireworks!

Over the next few minutes, the mint firework continued spreading across the plate.

Cool science for kids. Make mint fireworks!And soon had blossomed into a super cool firework.

Mint Fireworks! Simple kids' scienceThe Science Behind It

The red mint stripes are made with food coloring and sugar. When the mint comes in contact with water, that sugar dissolves into the water and the red spreads across the plate, creating fireworks stripes.


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