Apple Race Math Game


Will the red, green, or yellow apple reach the top first?!  This playful apple race math game has kids graphing, counting and comparing – important early math skills. It’s perfect to use as a math station, homeschool activity or morning work.

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Getting Ready

To prepare this math game, I first printed the game board (found at the end of this post) on cardstock. I chose to laminate the game board for durability and easy reuse, however I could have also put the game board in a plastic page protector.

Then, I grabbed a pencil and paper clip to use for our apple spinner and red, green and yellow pom poms to use as manipulatives.  A dry erase marker, dry erase crayon or other math manipulative are a great alternative.

Apple Race2

Apple Race Math Game

To play Apple Race, kids placed a paper clip on the inside of the apple spinner and put the point of their pencil on the center of the spinner. They flicked the clip with their fingers to make it spin and marked the corresponding apple color on their graph.

Apple Race3

Kids continued spinning until one color reached the top of their graph first.

Apple Race4

I just loved that there were so many opportunities for kids to talk about math while playing this game.  Some of the ways students discussed math while playing Apple Race included:

  • Counting the number of each color apple marked on the graph.
  • Comparing apple colors by telling which color was greater than, less than or equal.
  • Counting and telling how many were needed to reach the top.

Cleaning up this game was super easy because we just cleared the pom poms off the game board and played again!

Apple Race

Grab Your Download

Ready to have some Apple Race Math Game fun?!  Just click the blue button to grab your free copy of the game and then hop over and snag our Number Formation Pack, too!

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    1. I ended up making my own because I couldn’t get it to download either.

      1. Hello Melinda,
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        Please make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader- it is free and can be found here:
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        Hope this helps!

    1. Aw, thank you, Debbie! I hope your kids enjoy it as much as ours did!
      Have a wonderful week,
      Kimberleigh // Happiness Ambassador

  1. I can not get this to download. I have tried several times to click the link and nothing happens.

    1. Oh no! We never want that! We just updated the link! I double checked it and it is working now. If it is still giving you trouble send us an email over at and I will send you the file directly, Claire!
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      Kaylee // Playdough to Plato Team

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