Use these watermelon counting cards to help your preschooler or soon-to-be kindergartener practice number sequencing, number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence in a fun way.

Kids will love the entertaining, summer-themed counting cards and you’ll love the easy prep. They’re a win-win for everyone!  And when you’re done counting seeds, hop on over to our shop and check out our Number Formation Pack for some more math fun!

Understanding Numbers

Knowing number sequence and counting is important and children will explore both skills regularly as they enter school. It is also important that kids understand what each number actually means. For example, they must know that the written numbers correspond with a quantity or amount. Being able to count out objects one at a time and connect them to their written number is a valuable skill that needs practice.

Count the Seeds

The watermelon counting cards take numbered “watermelons” and individual “seeds” with the goal of placing the correct number of seeds on each watermelon.

Numbers 1-10 are included along with 100 seeds. Simply print and cut out the watermelons and seeds (I laminated for sturdiness), and you are ready to play. You can cut around the seeds completely and use the ones provided, or you can use a hole punch for more fine motor practice (like we did here).

Little hands can squeeze the hole punch and count the number of circles out onto the watermelon. Counting and fine motor all in one!

watermelon seed counting cards 1

Choose which numbers you want your child to focus on, and have them say the number, collect that number of seeds and put them on the watermelon.

watermelon seed counting cards 2

Adding Challenge

If your child can comfortably count out the seeds for numbers 1-10, you could give them an extra challenge by making it an addition game. “If you have a watermelon with 3 seeds and a watermelon with 2 seeds, how many seeds do you have in all?”

There are many possibilities to make this a fun learning game for your child this summer!

Grab Your Counting Cards

Ready to play?! You can download your FREE printable counting cards below. Be sure to grab our Number Formation Pack for more math inspiration!

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