Back to school season is right around the corner, and with it comes all things apples.  Add some seasonal fun to your reading centers this fall with these hands-on medial vowel clip cards.

Scroll below to grab your freebie and then jump over and grab our Vowel Team Centers for more fun!

Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the CVC word cards and apple vowels out on cardstock and laminated them for durability.

I cut out the word cards using a paper cutter and the apples using scissors.

Then, I used a hot glue gun to attach each of the apples to a clothespin.

I printed one record sheet on plain white copy paper for each student and we were ready to play!

Apple Vowel Clip Cards

To play, I started by passing out the set of apple vowel clothespins to each of the students in my group. We worked together to review the names of the letters on each apple.

Then I reminded them that the letters were vowels so they make different sounds. Sometimes they say their name (that’s when we call them “long vowels”) but today we were going to focus on their other sound (called “short vowels”).

We said the short vowel sound for each of the letters out loud together.

Next, I pulled a word card from the deck and asked the students to name the picture: map.

I asked the kids what vowel made the /a/ sound.

They guessed a, so we clipped the letter apple in place and read the completed word together: map. It worked!

Then the children pulled out their worksheet, found the picture of the map and carefully spelled the word below the picture.

Next, I spread all the cards out on the table.

Moving in a circle, the students took turns selecting a card and clipping the middle vowel apple in place before writing the word on their record sheet.

We continued clipping and writing until all of the word cards had been completed.

Grab Your Download

Ready to jump into back to school season with these fun vowel clip cards?

Grab your copy of the apple vowel clip cards by clicking the download button below and then hop over to snag our Vowel Team Centers, too!

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