No batch of chicken soup could ever be strong enough to cure the sub planning blues… Especially when you already feel lousy!

This makes it easy for you to pull together sub plans that’ll last you for DAYS.

And when you spend 15 minutes setting everything up NOW, it’ll be ready to go *whenever* you need it. No more last-minute scrambling!

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Personalized Sub Plans in Just 7 Steps

Having to pull yourself out of bed to stumble through sub planning can feel like torture so let’s spend 15 minutes setting up your emergency sub folder NOW so it’s ready when you need it.

Here’s what you’ll do…


Choose to between making DAILY folders or ACTIVITY folders.

There are two ways to set up your sub plans…

Either make one folder for each day of the week so that you have a Monday folder, Tuesday folder, Wednesday folder, etc.

OR make two activity folders – one that has your literacy activities and one that holds you math activities.

Both options can work well, you just need to decide whether you think your sub needs more of the step-by-step that the daily folders would provide or if they will be able to pull from the activity folders during literacy and math time.


Print your pocket folder covers and attach each one to the front of a pocket folder.


Type in and then print your daily class schedule so that your sub can easily follow along with your normal routine.

Be sure to add in any transition activities you like to use like “read a book” or “start packing up to go home”.


Print a class set of your favorite literacy and math activities.

Paperclip each set so you can keep them separated and slide them into the folders.

NOTE #1:   Each activity comes in a variety of different levels so that you can easily find an option that’s a good fit for your classroom. When you’re looking at the phonics clip cards, for instance, you can choose to practice beginning sounds or CVC words or even four-letter magic E words.

NOTE #2:  Several of the literacy centers are editable so you can quickly create an activity that will practice YOUR specific sight word list or phonics skills. Just type in the grey boxes to add your words.


Type and print your class list into the sub feedback form.


Personalize the sub welcome letter, print it, and sign your name at the bottom.


Place the pocket folder, welcome letter, class list and daily schedules in a magazine box to keep everything together in one spot. You can even add the “Sub Box” or ”Emergency Sub Plans” label to the front and tuck in a couple of snacks to REALLY help your sub feel welcome.

That’s it! You’re done. And now you can rest easy knowing that your class will continue learning and growing even if you’re not able to teach them yourself.

Snag Your Sub Plans

Be prepared for ANYTHING that comes your way this school year! Hop over and grab your sub plans in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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  1. This race car idea is fantastic! As well, steam! Math, physics, engineering, and art, if they create their own track and score sheet. To add technology, I’ll utilize those tiny pull back and release vehicles. I give this one two thumbs up!

  2. If they design their own track and score sheet, math, physics, engineering, and the arts. I’ll use that little pull-back and release cars to add technology. Two thumbs up for this one!

  3. mathematics, physics, engineering, and the arts if they create their own track and score sheet. I’ll incorporate technology using those little pull-back and release vehicles. I give this one two thumbs up!

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