CVC Pumpkin Patch Activity


Ready to add a little seasonal fun way to your literacy centers?  This adorable CVC pumpkin patch activity is the perfect way for students to learn and practice short vowel sounds.

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Getting Ready

Prepping the CVC activity was super simple!

I printed the colorful pumpkin patch activity on white cardstock and then ran all the cards through the laminator to ensure durability. I wanted to be able to use the center year after year!

Next, I cut out all the short vowel picture cards and placed them in a storage container.

Viola! Prep was done.

CVC Pumpkin Patch Activity

Since we were still working on short vowel sounds, I decided to introduce the activity with a small group.

On a flat surface, I laid out all five short vowel pumpkin patch cards and placed the pumpkin picture cards in a pile to the side.

Note: Depending on the level of your kids, you may only what to use one short vowel pumpkin patch card at a time.

Together, we reviewed each short vowel sound by saying the vowel sound on each mat.

Then, the first student picked up the pumpkin picture card with the hen on it.

She read the word out loud: “Hen /h/ /e/ /n/.”

I asked her what vowel sound the word had in it.

She said “/e/”, pointed to the short e pumpkin patch and placed the hen card on it.

Then, I had the entire group stretch out the word hen to listen for the /e/ sound and confirm that it belonged in the short e pumpkin patch.

We went around the small group table repeating this process until all the picture cards were placed on the correct short vowel pumpkin patch cards.

The kids loved practicing their short vowel sounds with this fun pumpkin patch CVC activity!

Snag the Freebie

Scroll below to snag your freebie and then make sure to hop over and grab our Editable Sight Word Games to practice any word under the sun!

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful things you come up with, to help my class! CVC Pumpkin Patch

    1. You are most welcome!
      I’m so glad you and your class are enjoying them!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Thank you for the fun cvc activity. Would it be possible for you to list the names/words of the pictures that you used? Thank you!

  3. This resource looks great but nothing happens when I click on the DOWNLOAD button. Can you please send me another link to download this resource.


  4. I have come back again to this page and tried to download this resource but nothing happens when I click on download here. I can’t wait to use the resource. Can you please fix the problem or send me another way to access the file. Thanks

  5. Thanks for fixing the link.

    I have downloaded this activity and my class love playing it.

  6. The link isn’t working and I would really love to use this with my struggling readers. Can you fix it please?

  7. This looks great but the link isn’t working. 🙁

  8. This looks great! The link doesn’t work though. 🙁

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