My students love using clip cards at math stations!  They’re an engaging way to help students with one-to-one counting, number recognition, subitizing and fine motor skills.

These gingerbread clip cards are a super sweet way to practice counting sets 0-20. Snag your activity and then hop over and grab our Number Formation Pack in our shop!

Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I first printed the clip cards on white cardstock to give them extra durability.

Then I used my paper trimmer to cut apart the cards.

To make the set self-checking, I grabbed some clothespins and worked my way through the pile, clipping the correct answers.

Then I flipped each card face down on the table and marked the answer with a small red circle on the back so students could easily check their answers.

I unclipped the clothespins and placed them in a basket next to the stack of cards. We were reading for some counting fun!

Gingerbread Clip Cards

I wanted my students to warm up with the 1-10 cards first, so I placed them at the top of the stack.

The first student in my small group picked up a gingerbread card and pointed to each gingerbread cookie as he counted, “One, two, three, four, five.”

Then he used a clothespin to clip the number 5 on the card.  

After some practice, the group was ready for a stretch, so I introduced the teen cards.

Another child counted 10 gingerbread cookies on the first cookie pan and 7 gingerbread cookies on the second cookie pan. She used her subitizing skills to instantly recognize that 10 and 7 more was 17 and used a clothespin to clip the number 17 on the card.

Students continued the same process of choosing a clip card, counting the gingerbread cookies and clipping the number that matched the set until they worked through all of the cards.

Grab Your Download

Ready for some Gingerbread Clip Card counting fun?!  Just click the blue button below to grab your free download and then hop over and grab our Number Formation Pack!

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  1. I cannot download this freebie. I’ve filled out the form with my name and email address but it just stays on the “submitting” screen, never downloading or moving on. Is there a way you can just send this to me? I’d love to use it next week during my gingerbread unit!

    1. Hi Cara,
      Thanks for reaching out, please check out our troubleshooting video HERE for help. Most likely, there’s a pop-up issue that’s preventing it from moving on.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Thank you for this creative material. I’m sure my students will love it.

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