Help your students work on their descriptive writing and have a little fun with Easter eggs!  I love having an Easter egg hunt in my classroom and this is the perfect writing craftivity to go along with it.

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Getting Ready

I printed the egg cover page on white cardstock and made enough copies for each of my students. Then, I printed the writing pages on cardstock as well to give them extra durability.

They could easily be printed on regular printing paper instead. You can choose if you want your students to write on the regular lined paper or the primary lined paper based on their ability.

That’s all the prep work I needed to do!

Easter Egg Writing Craftivity

I always begin my writing lesson with a class discussion on the topic to get their minds going!

We discussed what kinds of Easter egg hunts students had been to or seen. We also talked about what might help them find more eggs before kids started the writing craftivity.

First, my students wrote their thoughts in their writing journal.

Once I approved their writing and they had properly fixed their errors, they were able to write on their final draft egg paper.

And then came the real fun: decorating their egg! It was a lot of fun to see all the different ways kids thought to color their eggs!

Once the coloring was complete, kids cut out both eggs and stapled the two pieces of paper together.  Voila!  Their writing craftivity was complete.

The final product was bright and fun to display in the classroom. It helped everyone get excited to hunt for Easter eggs!

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