Writing with transitional words including “first”, “next” and “then” is an important skill for young writers. This “How to Eat an Oreo” writing activity makes writing practice fun AND delicious – my favorite combination!

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Getting Started

To prep this writing activity, I printed off a writing page for each of my first grade students and grabbed some milk and mint Oreos at the store. That’s it! Quick and easy.


How to Eat an Oreo Writing Activity

I gathered my first graders on our classroom carpet.  I could tell that they were super excited to get started… and eat the Oreos!

Since we had written other “how to” pieces before, I had a student quickly review the idea that each step should be simple and easy for our readers to follow.

Then, we talked about the different ways people like to eat their Oreos – cream filling first, cookies first, dunked in milk, dry… the list went on and on.

Next, I asked my students to watch how I eat an Oreo.

I slowly took the top off, licked the filling until it was gone, and dunked the remaining cookies into my milk.  I asked my students what I did first, next, then and finally.

Impressively, they were easily able to tell me the exact steps I took.  I wrote each step down with their help, drew a few quick pictures and then tucked my copy away so that my students wouldn’t just copy it.


I passed out milk and one Oreo to each student so they could walk through the steps of their Oreo eating, too. After spreading out in the room, they began munching and writing.

My students carefully ate their Oreos and wrote until everyone had finished.


Because they did such a great job writing, I gave all of them another cookie and let them walk around to read their classmates’ work. It was the perfect way to end our tasty “how to” writing activity!

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  1. This How To Writing page looks like a fun lesson for my 1st graders- thank you!!

    1. Hooray Linda!
      I am so glad you found something useful for your classroom!
      Please let me know if I can help you find anything else.

  2. Thank you for making this video I am going to try this with my son. He is in the third grade but is behind on reading and writing skills. I figured this should help him have at least a better look at how to write his papers.

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