Short Vowel Word Families

Fun fact…

Did you know that every word in English has a vowel?  In fact, every SYLLABLE in English has a vowel.  So why is that such a big deal? Well…

Kids learn to read middle vowels in CVC words AFTER they learn to read those ending consonants.  For instance, a new reader might see this word DEN in a book and read DAN or DIN or DUN…

It’ll take A LOT of practice for that middle vowel to finally stick.

And the best way to encourage kids to practice is to make it fun, right?!

That’s why I have wanted to make a separate bundle of motivating centers for each short vowel F-O-R-E-V-E-R…

Well, guess what?! They’re finally done! And they’re sooooo good that I don’t even mind bragging about them a little bit.😊

All 6 sets (one for each vowel plus a combination pack!) are yours when you become a VIP Plato Pack member! You can get all of the tools, strategies and support you need to reach ALL of your learners.

Peek Inside

The mega bundle makes it so much easier to focus on one word family at a time because it includes a separate pack for each vowel.

There’s the Short A Pack that practices word families like -AN and -AT.

Then there’s the Short E Centers that focus on word families including -ED and -ET.

The Short I Pack includes 14 different activities that practice word families like -IN and -IG.

There are 12 short O centers practicing -OP, -OG, etc.

And then there’s the Short U Pack working on (you guessed it!) words that end in -UG, -UB, -UM and other short U word families.

But that’s not all…

I wanted to make sure that you could also practice MULTIPLE short vowel word families at once. For instance, -UG and -AD or -EM and -OT.

So the bundle also includes a combination pack that has kids work on several different vowel word families at the same time!

I could not love this short vowel bundle any more…

And I know that you will too!

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