With back to school season upon us and fall right behind, it’s fun to have some themed, seasonal learning activities on hand.  This apple alphabet match is the perfect activity for this time of year… or anytime, really.

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Getting Ready

To prepare this fun alphabet match, I printed out the pieces in the download (below) and laminated them before cutting them out.

You can choose to cut the apples and baskets out completely, or you can take a bit faster approach and cut on the solid lines to make square pieces. Either option gives you a motivating ABC game to play with your kids!

apple alphabet match 1

After I cut out all the pieces, I stored them in a zip-top bag (a basket would work well too) to have on hand for our literacy centers.

Apple Alphabet Match

I first played this game with a small group of students, as I often do when introducing activities before adding them to our independent choices.

We organized the baskets in alphabetical order on the table from A to Z so that we could practice naming uppercase letters and working on the order of the alphabet. Then, we piled the apples in the middle of the group and got ready to go “apple picking!”

To play, we took turns picking up an apple and saying the name of the letter and then hunting for its uppercase match. (I differentiated for kids who were ready for extra challenge by having them say the letter sound too for beginning sound practice.)

Once we found the match, we placed the apple “in” the basket!

apple alphabet match 2

We kept picking and matching until there were no pieces left.  This alphabet match was a great way to practice letter recognition!

Grab Your Download

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