This ABC game is sure to be a hit with firemen fans. Just grab a pack of brightly colored index cards, a water sprayer and a fireman’s outfit {if you have one} and you’re ready to spray.

The ABC game has become a must-play in our house and I hope it will be a favorite with your kids, too.

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Getting Ready

To prep the ABC game, I stacked several of the cards on top of each other and used my scissors to shape flames. Then, I wrote one alphabet letter on each card. (I decided to use lowercase letters this time around but you could play the same game with uppercase letters instead.)

ABC Fireman Spray {Playdough to Plato}

I placed a roll of tape on the back of each letter and spread the flames out on our fence like this:

ABC Fireman Spray {Playdough to Plato}

ABC Game: Fireman Spray

Then, it was time to invite my 3.5 year-old over to play our fun ABC game. C quickly pulled on our fireman outfit and filled his water shooter with water from our kiddie pool. He was ready and excited for his first challenge.

Using a call-to-action kind of voice, I announced that the letter (r) was on fire. C needed to use his water shooter to put out the flames as quickly as possible. He hurriedly searched the cards to find the matching letter and then doused it.

ABC Fireman Spray {Playdough to Plato}

I called out several more letters for him to spray before we started working on some other ABC skills including:

  • Spelling (and spraying) each letter in his own name and the names of other family members.
  • Extinguishing the letter that makes a certain sound. (“Spray the letter that says /m/.”)
  • Dousing the letter that comes next in the alphabet. (“What comes after the letter D?”)
  • Spraying the first letter in certain words. (“What is the first letter in the word cat? It makes the /c/ sound.”)
  • Extinguishing the lowercase letter that matches an uppercase letter. (“Look at the capital letter I wrote on this piece of paper. What flame shows another way of writing this letter?)

Our ABC game was a huge hit with my son, and I hope your kids will enjoy playing it, too.

More Fun

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