The Owl and the Moon

I love looking out the window and seeing the different phases of the moon.

This adorable art project is a perfect way to introduce nocturnal animals and talk about the moon. You can even pair it with the wonderful book Many Moons Book by Remi Courgeon!

Just follow the simple step-by-step below.  And for more ideas, centers and crafts, join the Plato Pack!

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 Getting Ready

To get ready, I gathered supplies for each student:

  • One 9 x 12-inch piece of black construction paper
  • One 9 x 9-inch piece of yellow construction paper
  • Round 8-inch paper plate for tracing
  • Black Sharpie
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Many Moons Book by Remi Courgeon

Creating the Full Moon

To start, I had each child draw a large circle on their yellow construction paper to represent the moon.

For my younger artists, we used a round paper plate as a template.

Then everyone cut out their moon.

Creating the Branch

I illustrated how to draw two curved lines across their yellow construction paper moon to represent a branch.

Then I showed the children how to add leaves to their branch if they wanted them.

Creating the Owl

Next, it was time to create the owl.

I asked the students to first draw a capital “U”, then close the top of the capital U with a gentle sloped U.

For the wings, I added two curved lines towards the bottom and drew simple lines to represent the feathers.

We used the book for inspiration and created the owl face with one straight line for a closed eye and a crescent shape for the other eye.

The class completed the owl’s sweet face with a simple diamond shaped nose.

Next, I handed out Sharpies and demonstrated how to use the marker to trace over the pencil lines.

We erased our pencil marks when we were through.

Lastly, we glued down the moon onto the black construction paper.

The art project was a great way to get kids thinking about the various moon phases and the adorable owl masterpieces looked gorgeous on our classroom wall.

More Inspiration

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