My oldest LOVES math fact challenges so I was excited to put together a set of fun popsicle stick math fact dominoes he could use to practice +2s.

Working on subtraction, multiplication or division instead? No problem! Just swap out the math facts and answers. So easy.  After you’re done, check out more number fun with our Place Value Cover Up activity!

Play Math Fact Dominoes!!Getting Ready

I grabbed our jumbo-sized popsicle sticks, a pack of colorful dot stickers and a black Sharpie. I wrote +2 addition facts on yellow dots and the answers on pink dots.

{You could really practice anything – doubles facts, minus 4, times 8…. anything!}

Then I stuck one yellow math fact on the left side of each popsicle stick and attached a pink sum to the right side of a different popsicle stick.

Volia our fun math game was ready!

Super Fun Math Fact Game! Mixing up the problems and solutions is what makes the domino game work so be sure to put them on different sticks.

Prep is easy for this math game

Math Fact Dominoes

My son randomly picked one of the dominoes from the pile and read the yellow dot. “1+2,” he said. “That equals 3!”

He searched through the pile of sticks until he found the pink 3.

Then he slid it next to the math fact.

Super fun and easy math fact dominoes.

Stick by stick, he solved each math fact and moved the matching answer in place.

It was a fun hands-on way for him to practice his math facts and a game I am sure we will use again and again.

Such a fun way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

15 EDITABLE Math Fact Games

For more fun, check out our Place Value Cover Up!

You will love using the easy prep, motivating activities for math centers, early finish challenges and math intervention work and they are ALL editable!

Pretty awesome right?!

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