In need of a fun new way to practice math facts? We’ve got you covered! This simple Easter egg math fact activity is a motivating way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication – just about anything! Just grab your stash of plastic Easter eggs and you’re ready to play!

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Getting Ready

To prep this fun match-up Easter math activity, I grabbed a pile of plastic Easter eggs and a black Sharpie. I wrote a math fact on the top half and the solution on the bottom half. (My son was practicing addition and subtraction facts, but you could really work on anything.)

Math Fact Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Math Activity

I broke apart the eggs and mixed up the tops and bottoms to make the activity a little more challenging. If your child is just starting to learn his or her math facts, then feel free to have the colors be matching as well.

Then, I invited my son to randomly pick out a math fact and find its pair.

Easter Egg Math Facts

One math fact at a time, Big Brother pieced together all of the eggs. It was an easy, motivating way to practice math and put our piles of Easter eggs to good use!  As an added bonus, this Easter math activity also helps strengthen their fingers for writing!

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