Learning to identify letters of the alphabet takes a lot of time and practice. Since we always want that learning to be a fun experience for kids, we LOVE adding new games into the mix!  This acorn alphabet match was the perfect game!

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Getting Ready

To prepare this acorn alphabet match, I printed out the download (below) and laminated the pages.  It is sometimes helpful to print on cardstock if you have it because it keeps the pieces sturdier and allows them to be used longer.

I cut out all of the acorns Aa-Zz by cutting on the solid black lines. Then, to make the puzzle pieces, I cut each acorn down the middle on the dotted line. This creates two halves for each acorn – one with an uppercase letter and one with a lowercase letter.


Acorn Alphabet Match

Once the acorns were all prepared, it was time to play! At this time of year, my kindergarteners are ready to have all the pieces available to them in a literacy center.

However, for younger kids or students who are still new to the alphabet, you may decide to only explore a few letters at a time so that it isn’t too overwhelming.

I placed all of the letters in a basket and set to work on completing the puzzles with a small group to get them started.

First, we sorted uppercase and lowercase letters. This was great for an alphabet review as we could look at each half and ask, “Is this an uppercase or lowercase letter?

Then, we put the uppercase letters in order from A-Z to work on alphabetical order and preparing to match them all up.

Finally, we each took turns pulling a lowercase acorn half, saying its name, and putting it with its uppercase match.

We kept pulling cards and completing acorns until all of them had their match!


There were so many motivating ways to use the cards.

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