For many students, learning how to spell the words “could,” “would,” and “should” can be a challenge. They might spell them CUD or COUD or COOD…. But mastering the irregular -OULD pattern takes extra time and practice before it finally clicks.

Thankfully, there is a quick and simple trick that makes it a whole lot easier to learn!

Teach students the mnemonic device “Oh U Lucky Duck!”

Once they have the phrase down, their brain will more easily remember that they need to add the letters OULD to the end of the words to spell them correctly.

I love easy teaching hacks, don’t you?!

Free Could, Would, and Should Poster

Spelling posters are a great visual tool for reinforcing new skills so I was excited to create a poster for this trick too.

Click the big blue “download here” button below to grab your copy of the lucky duck poster and then hop over and check out 17 more spelling posters you and your students will love over on TPT right here.

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