Little books are a novel way to encourage reading for meaning and reading for fun! Children will love making their own books, then “getting to work.”

These little books are great to use at school or at home, as the basis of an extended activity or just a quick 5-minute read-through.  For some extra practice, try out our Reading Comprehension Activities in our shop!

Little Books to Read and Match

Reading for Comprehension

When children are learning to read, they often get so caught up on each individual word that they have difficulty remembering what the passage is about. Where is the fun in that?!

Adding fluency and speed are important to becoming a confident and successful reader. Of course, this happens naturally as children start to recognize words more easily, as they have more working memory to think about the passage as a whole.

Another way to encourage children to think about the phrase as a whole, rather than as a line of individual words, is to give them an added reason to consider meaning as they read.

In these little books, children need to understand the meaning of what they’re reading in order to match each sentence to the correct picture. So if they don’t understand it the first time through, they’ll naturally read it again so they know what they’re looking for!

Read for meaning with these free little books!

Getting Ready

We downloaded the three little books to read and match printable (below) then printed off the pages onto regular copy paper. The three titles are:

  1. My Daily Routine
  2. A Day at the Fair
  3. Pets We Love

Each child made one book by cutting along all the black lines (but NOT the dotted one) and gluing the flaps into place. It didn’t matter which order the flaps were glued, but it looked best if the title was on top.

Little Books

Since the children constructed their own books, they were keen to get going.  After writing their names on the top, they started reading through the sentences. Some could manage on their own, while others asked for help with words they weren’t sure of.

After reading a sentence, they looked through the pictures to decide which was the best match.

Free little books to read and match. Great for reading with meaning!

When they were done with their own book, they swapped over and tried their friend’s book.

Extension Little Books Activity

The following day, the kids decided they could create their own little books and wrote and illustrated flaps for a story called My Day at the Zoo. It was the perfect extension!

Download these free little books for some quick and fun reading and comprehension practice!

Get Your Set

Ready to read?! Click the blue button below to grab your three little books and then hop over and check out our Reading Comprehension Activities to enhance the reading experience!

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