Wondering how to get your kids ready for kindergarten? Just print this list of 10 fun preschool activities, post it on your fridge and start getting ready for school (below). 

The simple prep ideas are fun for kids and stress free for grown ups. Gotta’ love that combo!  Then, check out our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack to help get you there!

Get Ready for Kindergarten!

The freebie is great for teachers who need an easy handout for families and parents who need a go-to list of fun ways to help their child prepare for their kindergarten year. Download your copy here.

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Want to help your child with math, reading and fine motor work? Check out our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack filled with fun, printable and educational activities.

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  1. I really liked your ideas on helping kids get ready for school. I loved that they really are simple. I’ve pinned this to my parent share board and shared on my fb as well. A super resource for parents of kids entering kindergarten. Thanks for sharing this on the Back-to-School with KBN linky.

  2. Thank you for this simple and focused list! My oldest will be in Kindergarten next year and we are both nervous. I love the reminder that these simple things (that we are already doing) will be enough. Sometimes all of those creative mommies and brilliant kids out there can make me forget that! (=

    1. I’m so happy to hear that the list is helpful, Jen!! When it comes to my kids, I worry about a lot of things too. It sounds like you’re doing everything right though and your oldest will be ready to soar in kindergarten. 🙂

  3. Hi Malia,
    I am a grandmother of a little one starting kindergarten in the fall. Due to situations out of my children’s control, she was not able to attend preschool last year. I have tried to download your 10 Simple Ways to get ready for kindergarten, but the internet shuts down when I try. Is there a way to email it to me? Many thanks!

  4. Hi Malia, as a teacher I think this is a fantastic list. As a mum, this is just what I needed to reassure myself that my son is prepared to start school in September. Thank you!

  5. Do you have something on getting your child ready for 1st grade? My son just finished Kindergarten and I would like to get him ready for 1st grade as much as possible. Thank you

    1. Hi Christi,

      We don’t have a first grade printable yet but I will add it to our blog lineup and will email when it’s ready in a couple of weeks. 🙂

      Talk to you soon,


  6. I like the tip to read to your child. Reading has a high correlation with increased scholastic performance. I bet the socialization a child receives in preschool could help them in their academic career as well.

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