These alphabet matching games are purr-fect for practicing uppercase and lowercase pairs – an important early literacy skill. Print it once and play THREE different ways!

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Getting Ready

I printed my cards on cardstock and then laminated them for extra durability.

Then I sliced along the grey lines to separate the sheets into cards.

That’s it! The prep was a cinch!

Alphabet Match 

First, I laid all the cards out face up on the table.

Students took turns searching for for matches and placing them in pairs.


After the kids had matched all the pairs a few times, I moved the cards to a literacy center for a new alphabet game: Memory!

In our small group, we laid out all the cards upside down in neat rows.

Starting with a volunteer, students took turns flipping over two cards at a time.

If they were a match, the player added them to his pile and had another turn.

If they were not a match, the player turned the cards back over and it was the next student’s turn.

The player with the most matches at the end of the game was the winner!

Go Fish 

Another variation to this alphabet game my students enjoyed playing was the classic game of “Go Fish!”

To play, I mixed the cards up and passed four cards out to each player.

I placed the remaining cards in a stack in the center of the table to make a “Go Fish” pile.

Then, players took turns asking another student for a card as they tried to make matches.

If the child had the card a player asked for, she had to hand it over.

Each time a student made a pair, she earned another turn.

The child with the most matches was the winner!

These were all amazing alphabet games for practice – all wrapped up in one!

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