These 15 genius teacher tips are sure to save you valuable time, money and sanity. Gotta’ love that, right?! Find a few favorites to add to your must-try list and then hop over and grab our free lesson planner and organizer so you can keep organized all year long.

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15 genius teacher tips!

Type A Organization Tricks

Ready to take your classroom organization to the next level? These must-try organization hacks would even make Martha Stewart proud.

Type A Teacher Tips

Help kids remember important messages for their families with easy, DIY reminder bracelets. // Mama Miss

Keep piles of papers organized with DIY labeled binder clips. // I Am a Craft Addict

Spray old filing cabinets with chalkboard paint so that you can easily erase and relabel when you need to move folders. {It looks super cute too!!} // Mox and Fodder

Turn a plastic toolbox from the hardware store into a school supply toolkit. // Mrs. Rojas Teaches

Store flashcards in color coded soap containers for easy sorting. // Teaching My Friends

Use paint stir sticks as book dividers.

Attach students’ photos to binder clips for an easy way to display student work or organize papers. // Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

Why Didn’t I Think of That School Supply Tips

Ever feel like your school supplies are caving in on you? I’ve totally been there. Try these easy ways to bring a little organization back to your school day.

Must Try Supply Tricks

Pick up glitter messes with a lint roller. // Real Simple

Make a dirty eraser new again by filing it with an emery board. // Real Simple

Unclog glue bottle tops by soaking them in a little vegetable oil. Brilliant! // What the Teacher Wants

Keep table supplies in the right spot by assigning each group a color and marking all of their supplies with matching dot stickers. // Joy in 6th

Save money by making your own watercolor paints. Just mix baking soda, water and food coloring. // Growing a Jeweled Rose

Glue pom poms to the end of dry erase markers to make handy erasers. // The Teaching Thief

Save paint in ketchup squeeze bottles for easy, mess-free dispensing. // Fluro-Splash

Glue a pony bead to the end of spiral notebooks to keep them from unwinding. // If You Give a Teacher a Blog

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  1. LOVE the paper bracelet idea – will be using that daily in 2015! But why waste lint roller sheets/glue/whatever when you can sweep glitter onto the floor and either you or the cleaners vacuum it up?
    Lots of great ideas!

    1. Because that’s rude. Glitter is a massive pain to clean up, and it gets caught in carpet (or the grooves of tiles). And to just expect the custodians (the “cleaners”) to pick up after you and 18-30 kids make a mess in a room is disrespectful. Teach the children to help clean up after themselves… like by using a lint roller.

      1. I would think that the cleaners are probably students with jobs. I don’t think she was referring to custodians as cleaners. ..

    2. You help the custodians (“cleaners”) anyway you can! I always make my students clean up their messes because it’s being respectful. It’s also teaching them responsibility. They make a mess, they need to help clean it. You want to be on the custodial’s staffs good side!

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