These twelve colorful shape puzzles are a fun way to practice the names of shapes while kids begin spelling out words. Sliding together one puzzle piece at a time, young mathematicians magically make each shape appear. The shape game is guaranteed fun!

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Getting Ready

Prepping the shape puzzles was as quick and easy as it comes.

I printed the freebies on cardstock to give them some extra durability and make the colors really pop. Then, I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting the black lines to separate the puzzles.

To make sorting the puzzles easier later, I flipped them face down on the table and drew a different colored line down the back of each one – a yellow line down the back of the circle puzzle, a blue line down the back of the rectangle and so on.

Then, I cut along the gray lines to separate the individual puzzle pieces and slid each puzzle into a snack-sized Ziploc.

Fun shape game for kids! Piece together these free shape puzzles.

Completing the Shape Puzzles

When the puzzles were ready just a few minutes later, I invited my Middle Brother (age 4) over to join me. He grabbed his first bag and eagerly began putting together the shape: a heart!

Fun shape puzzles for kids!

One set after the next, he was thrilled to solve each shape puzzle and practice reading its name.

When Big Brother (age 6) came home from kindergarten a few hours later, he asked to join in the fun, too. Since he’s learning to spell out words, he focused on the letters (instead of relying entirely on the pictures) to put together each puzzle.

I love these shape puzzles! They're such a fun way to practice shape names and early reading.

It was an age-appropriate activity for both of them!

Ready to Play?!

Download the free shape puzzles by clicking the blue button below and then hop over and check out our Roll and Cover Pattern Block Mats in our shop!

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