Apple Sight Word Match

Aug 9, 2017

Activity for ages 5 to 6.

Most students need plenty of practice learning sight words before they stick, but thankfully we can make all of that hard work fun for kids this fall with a playful Apple Sight Word Match! It’s a motivating, hands-on sight word game for kindergarten and first grade students.

Whether you are introducing the sight words or wanting your students to review them, this resource will be perfect for you!

Getting Ready

Prepping the Apple Sight Word Match was so easy!

I just printed the resource on card stock and laminated it so that the cards could be reused time and time again.

Next, I simply cut the pieces apart with a paper cutter and we were ready to go!


Apple Sight Word Match contains 42 different sight words for students to review. Each sight word is printed twice: once on an apple and once on a seed.

Apple Sight Word Match

Students started the activity by placing all of the pieces on a table.

It didn’t matter whether they chose an apple or seed card first but this student picked up an apple card with the sight word “blue” written on it.

I always encourage my students to say the sight word out loud. This allows them some more exposure to the sight words, thus helping them retain it.

Students then sorted through all of the puzzle pieces looking for the seed that had the matching sight word.

Once the student found the correct pair, she placed it next to the apple card. This student found the “blue” card and matched the two together.

She pushed the completed pair off to the side to clear her work space and the next player grabbed a new card.

Students continued matching sight word pairs until every card had been claimed. Simple and fun!

Grab Your Set

Ready for your free set?! Click the blue download button below to grab your puzzles now and then hop over and snag our Apple Race graphing game and Apple Addition Cards too!
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