Being able to identify beginning sounds in words is an important skill, especially for learning to read and write. This St. Patrick’s Day beginning sound match is a great game for early readers! Kids will love connecting initial sounds to their written letters in a fun, playful way.

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Getting Ready

To prepare this hands-on matching game, I first printed out all of the leprechaun and letter cards (below). I laminated them to keep them sturdy so that I could use them multiple times.

Then, I cut out the cards and separated them into two piles – one pile of leprechauns and then one pile of letter shamrocks.

St. Patrick's Day Beginning Sound Match B

Playing the Beginning Sounds Game

This match game is a simple, fun way to work on mastering beginning sounds as well as matching them to their written letter.  I used this game with a small group of students, but you could use it in an independent literacy center as well.

First, we spread out the alphabet shamrocks so that we could see all of the letters. I had my kids sort them from A-Z to get in some alphabet practice and ABC ordering too! Then, we placed the leprechaun cards face down in a pile.

We took turns pulling a card and identifying the picture that the leprechaun was holding.

Then, after saying the name of the picture and stressing its beginning sound, we searched for the shamrock that was its match, and placed them together.

We continued pulling the cards and matching the letters until we had matched them all!  Such a fun activity to practice an important skill.

St. Patrick's Day Beginning Sound Match C

Grab Your Copy

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