Pool and Beach Ball Alphabet Match

Activity for ages 3 to 6.

Looking for an alphabet activity as we head into summer?!

This Pool and Beach Ball Alphabet Match is a fun way to work with uppercase and lowercase letters during the summer so pre-k and kindergarten students are ready to hit the ground running in the fall.

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Getting Ready

To prepare this activity, I printed the cards on white cardstock.

I like to use cardstock as well as laminate the cards to ensure extra durability with little hands.

Then I used my paper trimmer to cut along the solid black lines of the cards.

I also grabbed a small bucket to store the cards in.

We were ready for some Pool and Beach Ball Alphabet Match fun!

Pool and Beach Ball Alphabet Match

To start the activity, I placed the basket on the table and then had the children sort all the cards into upper and lower case piles.

After we reviewed each letter, I had a child draw a card from the uppercase pile.

The first student to draw a card picked the letter M pool card. She then looked through the lowercase pile to find the lowercase m ball.

Once she had found the correct ball, she placed the ball card on top of the M pool card top make a match.

It was a slam dunk!

We went around the table making alphabet card matches until the students had found all the alphabet matches.

Differentiation Options

This activity can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of all of your students.

If using all 26 uppercase and all 26 lowercase letter cards seems a bit overwhelming for your students, then just pull out some of the cards and build up to matching all of the alphabet cards.

If your students are ready for letter sounds, you could also have them say the sound that the letter makes for each card.

In the example below, the student found the uppercase letter T pool card and said, “T says /T/.”  Then they worked to find the matching lowercase beach ball card to make a match.

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Ready for some summer fun with this Pool and Beach Ball Alphabet Match activity?!

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