Teaching kids opposite words like wet-dry, left-right, up-down is great for vocabulary development. This free printable game is a fun way to make learning opposite words fun for kids. Just print, cut and play. Easy peasy.

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Super fun way to teach opposite words

Teaching Opposite Words

To help my kids understand what opposites words are, we acted out a few pairs with our bodies. We stood up and then squatted down. We ran across the room quickly and walked back s-l-o-w-l-y. We jumped up high and laid down low.

Then I placed the matching opposite cards side-by-side so that we could talk about each pair. After a quick discussion, we shuffled our cards and spread them out face down on the table.

Memory with Opposite Words

Our first game was super easy. We took turns flipping over two cards at a time to find a matching pair of opposite words. If we flipped opposites, we kept the cards. When we didn’t, we simply turned them back over in the same spot and let the next player take a turn.

Fun way to teach opposite words

When all of the cards had been claimed, we counted our pairs and the player with the biggest number won the game.

Goldfish with Opposite Words

Later in the day, we used our cards for another game: Goldfish. My 4.5 year old and I each took five cards to hold in our hand. We placed the remaining cards face down in a pile between us.

Teach Opposite Words

We looked at our hand and laid down the opposite pairs we were already holding. I let my son have the first turn since he was the youngest player. He looked at his cards and, seeing that he had a YOUNG baby, he asked me if I had the OLD man. I did so I handed it over to him and he laid the match down on the table.

Then it was my turn. I had a BOY so I asked my son if he was holding the GIRL. He wasn’t so he said, “Go fish” with a smile and I took the top card from the center pile. It was DAY. No match.

We continued playing until my son put down the last pair in his hand. Then we counted our matches and declared my son the winner since his five pairs trumped my four.

More Vocabulary Fun

Contrary to popular belief, building vocabulary doesn’t have to be boring. Have kids take an easy outdoor scavenger hunt, teach fun rhymes for kids and paint some story stones.

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  1. Hello,

    Great idea, I love those little cards.
    Our kids have this problem of getting big cards in hands, will think about it for our next games 🙂

    1. Hello Sonia,
      Thank you so much for reaching out, I hope you find hours of inspiration and learning with your students.

    1. Welcome Irina!
      I hope you find hours of fun and learning for you and your kids!

  2. Maravilloso material para los chiquitines. Gracias por competir el material.

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