Peeps aren’t just for eating any more! The classic spring treats are great to use in science experiments too. Kids will go crazy for these 10 Peeps science experiments… no sugar rush needed!

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Peeps Activities for Kids

Ready for some fun?! These Peeps science experiments are sure to put smiles on kids’ faces.

Lots of fun Peeps Activities for Kids!

Use pencils, rubber bands and a spoon to catapult Peeps across the room. F-U-N!

Challenge kids to find a way to make Peeps sink.

Find out if heat and cold affect Peeps. // Coffee Cups and Crayons

Learn about states of matter with a batch of homemade Peeps slime. // The STEM Laboratory

Talk about the five senses by describing how Peeps taste, smell, sound, feel and look.

Lots of fun Peeps science experiments for kids!

Build some colorful Peeps boats! // Kids Play Box

Test whether Peeps dissolve in different liquids. // Simply Kinder

Make new colors appear by mixing Peeps. // Schooling a Monkey

Whip up some Peeps playdough. // Growing a Jeweled Rose

Grab some toothpicks and start building structures. // Schooling a Monkey

30 Must-Try Science Experiments

Continue the fun with 30 of our favorite science experiments for kids. And the best part?! They only require common household supplies. No science lab needed.

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