Learning the alphabet can be a lot of work, but one way to keep kids motivated is through fun games. Such as this free ice cream themed ABC activity!

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Ice Cream ABC Game

Getting Ready

This free alphabet matching game is easy to prepare.

I printed off the activity, ran everything through my laminator and cut out the ice cream sundaes.

I grabbed a few Ziploc bags to store the game, so it would be all set for next time. (You could also use a small container to store the pieces in as well.)

Viola! We were set!

Ice Cream ABC Game

To start I mixed a few of the lowercase “ice cream scoops” and the “bowls” together and laid them out on the table.

Since we were still working on identifying letters, I wanted to start with only a few, so the game wasn’t overwhelming.

ice cream alphabet match 1

Then we carefully matched the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters to make “bowls of ice cream.”

Extension: For variation, or if your child is interested in more of a challenge, you could see how many she can match in one minute, and then see if she can beat her record next time.

Once she could quickly match all the letters in front of her, I slowly started to add more ice cream letters and bowls, until all 26 letters were on the table.

It was a sweet literacy center that the kids begged to play again and again.

ice cream alphabet match 2

Grab Your Alphabet Matching Game

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  1. I was hoping to download this to use with my Autistic son. Nothing happens when you click on the blue download link. Could you please send this Ice cream ABC to me? Thank you.

    1. Maybe you have your pop-up blocker enabled. A pop up should appear for you to enter your name and email.

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