I love using ten frames with my students because they’re such a fun way to help them understand what numbers REALLY mean.  This super sweet ice cream ten frame match has children match number and ten frame cards from 0-20.

It’s the perfect math activity to use with young learners this summer!  Then, for more number fun, check out our Number Formation Pack in our shop!

Getting Ready

To prepare the activity, I first printed the ice cream number cards on white cardstock. Then, I printed the ten frame cards on pink cardstock so that my students could easily match a white ice cream number card with a pink ten frame card.

Ice Cream Number and Ten Frame Match by Playdough to Plato

I ran the cards through my laminator for durability.  Then, I used my paper cutter to cut out the cards.

I printed one ice cream number coloring sheet for each student and we were ready to play!

Ice Cream Number and Ten Frame Match

To play, my students had to match an ice cream number card to the matching ten frame card for the numbers 0-20.

First, I had my students turn over all of the ice cream cards and all of the ten frame cards to play like a memory game.  They took turns turning over a white ice cream number card and a pink ten frame card to see if the number and ten frame matched.

If one friend had a match, they got to keep those two cards in their keep pile.

Ice Cream Number and Ten Frame Match by Playdough to Plato

If the cards did not match, they turned both cards back over.  Students continued playing the game until all cards had been matched.

The game can easily be differentiated depending on what numbers you want to focus on with your students.  For example, you could choose to just use the cards for numbers 0-5 or for 0-10.

It’s a great activity to use with a small group of students or at a math station!

Number Coloring Sheet

Next, I gave each student a coloring sheet and every pair of students a set of ten frame cards.

Kids shuffled the ten frame cards and placed them face down in a pile.  Students turned over one ten frame card at a time and then colored the ice cream cone that had the matching number.

Ice Cream Number and Ten Frame Match by Playdough to Plato

They continued until they had colored all of the ice cream cones on the recording sheet.

Grab Your Download

Ready to grab your free ice cream number and ten frame match game?!

Just click the blue button below to download your free copy of this activity, then hop over and snag our Number Formation Pack that your mathematicians will love!

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